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The INTERNATIONAL GREEN CONFERENCE in India is Next Week on November 26 – 28, 2012

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Are you going to lovely Bengaluru – also known as Bangalore – to attend The INTERNATIONAL GREEN CONFERENCE on November 26 – 28, 2012, in India?

Held at the Sheraton Bengaluru, the theme is RE-THINK SUSTAINABILITY in this established global business hub.

Presented by the Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN), the conference promises to offer extraordinary insights and opportunities into the region where water quality issues demand re-thinking of our built environment.

The Conference will have presentations on the best green sustainable projects, futuristic design concepts, best practices in green technology, green city planning and interactive workshops.

Vidhana Soudha, seat of the state government in the heart of Bangalore.

The International Green Conference endeavors to empower attendees with the latest technologies, developments and offer plausible solutions for important environmental issues.

The organizers hope to recognize the contribution of people who have contributed towards Greening India as well as projects from neighboring countries.

Focus Areas

“¢ Move forward to a cleaner, greener and more prosperous economy
“¢ Promote, preserve, and build coalitions that create and preserve our environmental future
“¢ Showcase the best and most innovative ideas and strategies that can be utilized in green urban planning.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Fun Facts about Bangalore:

“¢ It was founded in the 2nd Century and still has the same infrastructure drainage & sanitary systems – the oldest in the world
“¢ has the highest number of public sectors and government organizations in India
“¢ is considered the fashion capital of the East comparable to Paris
“¢ was the first city in India to receive electricity
“¢ is considered an antipode of Boston, in terms of IT
“¢ has produced the highest number of professionals in USA – almost 60% of Indian population abroad is from Bangalore
“¢ Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is credited to have one of the most diverse man-made collections of flora (read more!)

In case you haven’t yet, make sure to read The Indian Green Infrastructure Network Invites You to Bangalore in November! by Hema Kumar, Founder of the Indian Green Infrastructure Network.

Hopefully I’ll see you in historic and exotic Bangalore next week!

~ Linda V.



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