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World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru – Rethinking Sustainability: June 4-6

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World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru:

Rethinking Sustainability with Green Walls, Green Roofs and Greening the City

The World Green Infrastructure Network and Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN) present the World Green Infrastructure Congress (WGIC) 2018 Bengaluru on June 4th and 5th.  The WGIC will be hosted in Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, India for the first time in its 11-year history.

And, this is the first time an event of this scale is being hosted in the Indian sub-continent.

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru

Bangalore city skyline showing UB City to the left and Richmond Town area to the right. Photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim – Own work under GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 via Wikimedia Commons.

The Venue

The WGIC will be hosted in The LaLiT Ashok Hotel Bangalore, a 5-star property centrally located in Bengaluru.

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru

The WGIC 2018 brings together expert speakers and researchers from around the world to share their immense knowledge and experience on sustainable practices such as development of Green Roofs, Vertical Gardening, Urban Agriculture, Sustainable Green City Planning, Water Sensitive Urban Design, Policies, and more.

In its illustrious 11-year history, the WGIC has previously taken center stage in 10 different countries.  Most recent was Berlin, Germany in 2017.  Every year, prospective organizers of the event engage in a competitive bidding process to secure the privilege of hosting the event.

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru

The Hesaraghatta Lake in Bangalore. By The original uploader was Nikkul at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The event is organized by the Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN) an NGO whose vision is to enable World Class Sustainable Practices to be adhered to in India and the Sub continent.

“We are bringing together the core stakeholders like Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, Green Planners and Engineers, Builders and Developers, Business Leaders, Environmentalists, Research Students, Institutions, Related Government Departments, Decision Makers, etc., from 40 plus countries and the Indian Sub Continent.”~ IGIN

Prominent International Speakers

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru

More than 60 speakers and 40 exhibitors will feature on the program agenda.  Delegates will get the opportunity to interact and share ideas with some the leaders of modern green architecture, including the highest level of the government responsible for urban planning and development.

Some of the prominent speakers are:

  • Manfred Kohler, President – World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN)
  • Patrick Blanc, French botanist – French National Centre for Scientific Research
  • Steven Peck, President – Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC)
  • Prof. Dr. Julian Briz, Emeritus Professor, President of PRONATUR
  • Rick Thomas, Founding Director and Principal Arborist – ArborCulture Singapore
  • Matthew Dillon, President – Green Roofs Australasia, & eVP WGIN
  • Aslan Jonoubi, President – IGIN (Iranian Green Infrastructure Network)
  • Wang Zhaolong, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
  • Andres Ibanez, School of Architecture and Urban Design, National University of Colombia
  • C. Chandrashekaran, Team Leader – M&E Uttarakhand Decentralised Watershed Development Project
  • Raosaheb Borgude, Senior General Manager – Reliance Industries in Horticulture department
  • Sunil D. Gorantiwar, Professor and HOD Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Mahatma Phule (Krishi Vidyapeeth) Agricultural University, Rahuri
  • Maria Boey, Planner, Architect Urban Designer and Landscape Designer
  • Nisha Mathew Ghosh, Founder – Mathew and Ghosh Sustainable Creationcare Foundation
  • Dr. C. Subesh Ranjith Kumar, Assistant Professor (Horticulture) – The Horticultural College and Research Institute (HC&RI) Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • Dr. Chellaiah Sellamuthu, Director (Hort.) – New Delhi Municipal Council
  • Isabel de Felipe, Professor – Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)
  • Ms. Nur Faezah Mohd Sanif, Deputy Director – National Parks Board (Singapore)
  • Martha Weber, President – Polish Green Roofs Association
  • Kishore N, Principal – The Concise Desines, Landscape Architecture Planning Studio
  • Jeffrey Bruce, Owner – Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company (JBC)
  • Chitra. K. Vishwanath, Managing Director – Biome Environmental Solutions

Why WGIC 2018?

The objective of the WGIC is to empower attendees with the latest technologies and developments and offer plausible solutions for important environmental issues.

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru


Hema Kumar, Founder of IGIN, says,

“Make Green As Much As You Can
Save Green As Much As You Can
Give Green As Much As You Can

Topics such as maintaining natural biodiversity, ecological building designs, Green architecture and sustainable urban planning will be discussed in the international congress. The event will show the world that India, can and will, lead the way for green infrastructure development in South East Asia.”

~ Hema Kumar, Indian Green Infrastructure Congress

Visit WGIC 2018 Bengaluru

To know more regarding your trip, visa info and more, write in to or visit the website –


~ Indian Green Infrastructure Network

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Bengaluru

The Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN) is an NGO set up to create and develop World-Class Green Sustainable cities in India. IGIN is a membership driven NGO set up to develop and carry out nation-wide environmental education programmes and activities. We believe India is a country whose people are its greatest resource. To implement our ground breaking ideas, we need the help of the interested and qualified public. Here in India we have the resources for every possible idea. Now along with IGIN, we have the knowledge and experts, too. It is time we harnessed our strengths.

IGIN is associated with the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), which is the association of National Green Building Organisations.




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