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City of Gardens Bangalore, Kempegouda International Airport, India

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Photo: Prasannamurti Desai

Terminal 2 at Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has successfully reinvented the idea of a traditionally stressful and bustling airport landscape, thanks in part to the vision of international landscape architects Grant Associates – designers of the iconic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore – in collaboration with SOM.

“The project vision sets out an innovative reinvention of the Terminal experience where nature takes centre stage and the landscape supports the project’s ambitious sustainability goals. We want to create a truly memorable passenger experience that captures the spirit of the place and offers a unique and extraordinary garden journey.”
Andrew Haines, Senior Associate at Grant Associates

BLR Airport’s new terminal is an airport terminal unlike any other in the world. Its innovative design offers passengers an immersive and authentic nature-focused experience; the unique flora that occupies the new terminal has been sourced from multiple ecological habitats in India, showcasing the beauty of nature and Karnataka’s culture.

The unique flora that adorns the terminal’s interior has been meticulously curated from diverse ecological habitats within India, serving as a captivating tribute to the splendour of nature and Karnataka’s vibrant culture. 600-800-year-old trees meet with over 180 rare, endangered and threatened species, all combining to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that embraces both India’s heritage and forward-thinking sustainability.

Adding to the garden-like environment is the extensive use of natural materials including bamboo cladding and local natural stone. Lush internal and external gardens punctuate the passenger’s journey, with the centrepiece being a breathtaking 10-metre-tall green wall that runs the length and breadth of the terminal adorned with over 450 extraordinary plant species. The planting not only captivates the eye but also contributes to the terminal’s environmental conditioning, all nourished by an automated irrigation system fed by harvested rainwater.

Reflecting Bengaluru City’s global renown for its picturesque parks and gardens, the new terminal at Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru seamlessly encapsulates Karnataka’s rich history and culture. The airport’s expansion, executed in two phases, encompasses a staggering 255,645 square meters, poised to accommodate up to 25 million passengers annually.

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