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Since 1980, the owner of Green Roof Technology (Green Roof Service LLC) has been one of the founding fathers of green roofs in the US – over 35 years. With a track record of a multi million square feet of green roofs installed and maintained in Germany and in North America, the unparalleled consulting experience and expertise of Green Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology focuses on reviewing and evaluating Green Roof and Wall designs, specifications, installations, and maintenance at any stage of the project, going beyond: Horticultural Consultation, Product Development and Testing, Roof Deck Consulting, Planting Design, Planting Plans, Plant Sourcing or Contract Growing, Growing Media Specifications and Installation Guidance (incl. Hands-on Training), long-term Maintenance Plans and Warranty Handling.

We take our leadership very seriously, we speak up and have helped establish organizations such as FLL (Germany), Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, SPRI, and the current green roof guidelines (ASTM) for the US. Green Roof Technology actively supports the science and practice of these living systems through convention seminars, workshops, and academic lectures. And we offer assistance to academic institutions seeking help in establishing related research. Green Roofs or Walls are all about healthy and thriving plants. We don’t compromise this fact and at the same time emphasize environmentally friendly usage of valuable resources like energy and water. And we are the first company in North America to promote a highly advanced solution to combine Green Roofs and Photovoltaics as a seamless and non-roof penetrating system with a payback of under 5 years, depending on location.