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GREEN ROOF BLOCKS are self contained, portable units that can be arranged and rearranged as the building owner sees fit. Each unit consists of a 24″ x 24″ container fabricated of heavy gauge anodized aluminum. Durable and drought resistant sedums are planted in four inches of proprietary growing medium of mineral and organic material custom blended to sustain sedums for the life of the system.. Walk pad material is fastened to the bottom, serving both to protect the roofing surface and to allow drainage under the GREEN ROOF BLOCKS. The walk pad material used is procured from the manufacturer of the building owner’s roofing system to insure compatibility and warranty integrity. The weight of the system is 12 to 18 pounds per square foot, the weight required to ballast single ply roofing membrane.

The GREEN ROOF BLOCKS can be used as ballast in the same manner as paver blocks. Or, the GREEN ROOF BLOCKS can be placed over an existing roof provided the weight of the combined systems does not exceed dead load capacity of the building structure. Typical green roof construction involves expensive water proofing, drainage systems, and large amounts of soil that make future roof repair near impossible. Installation of GREEN ROOF BLOCKS consists of setting our completely self-contained units on the roof. It’s just that easy. Any roofing contractor or maintenance staff can install this green roof. Once installed, GREEN ROOF BLOCKS can be moved to conduct roof repairs or replacement and repositioned.

The Green Paks green roof system brings simplicity to green building for less money than other gardenscapes products. Each Green Pak is a completely self contained module made of a long-lasting, unique knitted high density polyethylene. Each Green Pak comes pre-filled to four inch depth with proprietary engineered soil. Convenient handles make roof garden installation a snap! To facilitate drainage of excess water and to protect the roofing material from damage from plant roots, a composite drainage layer / root barrier is rolled out over the entire roof area.

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