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Furbish is a living systems company that develops innovative technologies for the built environment. We design, supply, install and maintain green roofs and walls in the U.S.

All Furbish systems are designed for easy installation with simple detailing, few components, and limited material. We offer ongoing, corrective maintenance, and restoration services for vegetated systems, including a full coverage guarantee.

Our most popular system, EcoCline, is a patented high performance green roof system that retains stormwater in less than half the weight and less than half the depth of an ordinary green roof. EcoCline is the lightest weight high-stormwater green roof system available in the U.S.

With our patented SmartSlope, we redesigned the vegetated wall to deliver a far larger planting pocket than any prior vegetated retaining wall, utilizing far less concrete than traditional segmented retaining walls. SmartSlope has the highest connection value of any segmental retaining wall for optimal strength in an efficient assembly.

BioWall is designed for “plug-and-play” installation that can be completed in as little as 1-3 days. This system utilizes pre-grown panels, and state-of-the-art monitoring and controls in a pre-fabricated control cabinet. BioWalls have been successfully installed in a wide variety of lighting and environmental conditions.

We perform R&D in-house at our Baltimore facility, including materials testing, plant propagation trials, water retention tests, and wind testing.