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The company EUROPOMICE S.r.l. started the activity of extraction and production of volcanic materials around the end of the eighties by taking over and improving some of already existing production units in the area on the border between Tuscany and Lazio, near Bolsena lake (Italy). This lake was built out of an antique volcanic site by cooling off and subsequent flood of the same. The activity of this site has determined the geological conformation of the surrounding territory enriching it with inert volcanic materials such as PUMICE, LAVA and ZEOLITE. This last one is becoming a very appreciated products for water filtration and media for plants thanks to his high properties of mineral exchanging (it works like a natural fertilizer) and water retention.

Since the beginning EUROPOMICE was involved into research and development of products and solutions for Nurseries and in the last 15 years the company create different mixes for media manly used into green roofs and vertical green (Vulcaflor), construction (Pomical) and sport fields (Vulcagarden).

Europomice is leader in the market of substrate in Italy and into southern European countries and they are trying to bring their knowledge of Volcanic stone and growing media to Northern America and Canada.

The company supplied its own products for parks, green roofs and green walls for projects such as: City Life (Milan), Vertical Forest (“Bosco Verticale” – Milan), the Environmental Parck (ENVIE – Torino) and many others all over Europe.

In the last two years they are investing most of their resources into the American market participating in conferences and performing demonstrations with the only goal to grow the green roofs market and make the cities an healthier place to live.

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Federico Maffei