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Detec Systems provides leading-edge technology in the field of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), by way of quality control testing and active monitoring for roofing and waterproofing assemblies.

We provide unparalleled risk mitigation for property owners and their development teams.  We are committed to our goal to improve the sustainability of buildings through professional moisture intrusion monitoring services and electronic testing technology.

Detec Systems offers a level of quality assurance and peace of mind that remains unequaled in today’s electronic testing industry. Providing early-warning of moisture intrusion, Detec benefits all stakeholders throughout the construction phase, including developers, design professionals, consultants, contractors, and insurers.

Detec continues to provide value throughout the life of the building, benefiting facilities managers, homeowners and building occupants by identifying potentially dangerous moisture intrusion events before they become costly repairs.

Image Descriptions:

  1. The PermaScan is our embedded, fully monitored system. The image shows our system below a garden roof (inverted assembly). We have different configurations depending on the assembly. Also included is another image to show the PermaScan on a conventional assembly.
  2. The scanning platform is one of the testing methods that we have created. This equipment pinpoints breaches, holes and seam voids in roofing/waterproofing membranes. The IntegriScan scanning platform is capable of testing nonconductive and semiconductive membranes, including black EPDM.
  3. TruGround is a product that gets added into a conventional roof to enable electronic leak detection (ELD) testing. It’s UL listed and FM approved.