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5 Benefits of Incorporating a Green Wall in Your Home

on June 8, 2022 at 1:26 pm under , , , ,

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Are you hesitant about installing a green wall in your home?

Here are 5 benefits of incorporating a green wall in your home so you can make an informed decision.

Homeowners who don’t have a lot of space outdoors can bring plant life indoors and reap the benefits of having green walls, also known as vertical gardens or living walls, in their homes. If you’re considering installing a green wall in your home but you aren’t sure if you’re ready to commit, here are five benefits of having a green wall in your home. 

Improved air quality

There are a lot of pollutants floating around in the air and we all know that plants are Mother Nature’s air filters, so why wouldn’t we want them in our homes? People who live in areas where the air quality isn’t the greatest can certainly benefit from installing a green wall in their homes, but they aren’t the only ones. Not only do plants purify outdoor pollutants, but they also help remove things like cleaning chemicals, burnt food, and the gas from appliances from the air. 

Health and well-being

Our surroundings have an impact on our mental health and overall well-being, so it should be no surprise that many people turn to nature to center themselves. Green walls are a great addition for anyone who’s stressed out, needs a boost in productivity or creativity, and just feels better. Also, since plants produce oxygen, just imagine how much better you’ll feel when you have your own source of pure oxygen!


Decorating your home doesn’t have to mean you’re filling the space with trinkets, odds, and ends! Green walls act as a statement piece – the eye-catching feature that makes the space stand out. It’s worth noting that homes with this feature are sure to appeal to the eco-conscious buyer and is sure to help your home sell.

Temperature and noise control

Green walls can reduce the temperature and noise level of a small space because the plants absorb and reflect energy. The plants create shade, therefore helping to reduce the temperature inside the room. That means you’ll have better control over the temperature and, consequently, your energy consumption. 

Urban farming

Homeowners who have space outdoors can create a green wall outside and it’ll be a source of pollen and nectar for birds, bees, and other animals. Inside, you can create a vertical garden and have fresh herbs, fruit, and vegetables. So, not only will you have cleaner air, improved health and mental well-being, and a beautiful space… You’ll have fresh produce, thus cutting down on your grocery bill! 

When someone talks about having a green wall in their home, they’re probably not talking about the wall being painted green (although that is a possibility, of course). They’re talking about a living wall full of greenery! 

It may seem like having a green wall in your home is the latest design trend, but it’s more than just that. They can improve so many aspects of our lives and give us a sense that we’re doing something good for ourselves and the environment. Granted, one or two green walls in a home aren’t going to change the world, but it’s a start.