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Video & Project of the Week for June 23, 2014: Daniels Residence

on June 25, 2014 at 12:31 pm under Project of the Week: 6/23/14

Daniels Residence
Toronto, Canada
2,228 sf Greenroofs


Project Description & Details

Originally built in 1935, the new owners re-imagined this Toronto Art Deco masterpiece into a beautiful sustainable home with the help of Paul Dowsett Architecture Inc. (SUSTAINABLE.TO). Situated in the premier neighborhood of South Hill, the Daniels Residence boasts solar panels, high albedo roof, exterior solar shades, interior reflective light shelves, high efficiency replacement windows, re-use of existing materials, triple-glazed curtain wall, native plant species, local and/or recycled content, geothermal, rainwater collection, and a beautiful green roof.

Composed of five different green roof sections, the Daniels Residence uses HYDROPACK by Vegetal i.D., a lightweight all-in-one modular green roof system that enabled easy installation and instant greening. Each green roof section is composed of HYDROPACK’s Standard Mix, which is a blend of 30 species of succulents and herb species specifically chosen for their hardiness and drought tolerance. Through the combination of many efficiency strategies, the home was able to achieve a 35% reduction in energy use as well as rainwater runoff harvesting and mitigation on site.

Year: 2013
Owner: David and Kate Alexander Daniels
Location: Toronto, Canada
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Roof Type: Extensive
System: Custom
Roof Size: 2,228 sq.ft.
Grade: 2%
Accessible, Private


Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Architect: Paul Dowsett, Paul Dowsett Architecture Inc.
Green Roof Design: Vegetal i.D. Inc. & Paul Dowsett Architecture Inc.
Modular Green Roof System: HYDROPACK by Vegetal i.D. Inc.
Build & Contractor: Ginkgo Sustainability

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