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dc greenworks Has a New Website!

on February 23, 2012 at 7:25 pm under

dc greenworks,  Washington, D.C.’s preeminent social enterprise providing full-service greenroof design, installation, and consulting,  has launched a new and improved website at

“We are a growing group of initiators and implementers from a variety of backgrounds.  The dc greenworks mission is carried out by our staff, our board and an array of volunteers from across our region.  With a shared vision, we take on challenges that call upon the experience, skills and imagination of our team to bring a project to life…” ~ dc greenworks, About Us

Among other changes, the non-profit organization now features highlighted greenroof projects in their portfolio along with numerous case studies and incentives.

Today they’re featuring 13th & Sherman Ave NW, DC, below.  Regarding the project they say, “On top of your garage?  You better believe it!  This semi-intensive green roof features multiple planting depths, allowing for a “¦” – read more here.

FYI,  dc greenworks has also modified the look of their name to reflect an all lower case and bold format.

The public is invited to continue to use the new website as a resource.  Continued success to all that  dc greenworks offers to and does for the Washington, D.C. Metro area!

~ Linda V.