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The green roof is located at the Demonstration Garden, at the Robert C. Parker School in North Greenbush, NY. The garden is open to the public during daylight hours. For more information on our programs, see more here.

Since many local people have little knowledge of green roofs, and few green roofs are open for the public to see, installing one on our garden shed seemed to provide a good educational opportunity. The Goals of the Master Gardener Demonstration are:

? To showcase the trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants suitable for our area
? To demonstrate the appropriate maintenance and care techniques for gardens and plants
? To serve as an outdoor learning, teaching and testing facility
? To share the Master Gardener?s passion for gardening with the community.
? To provide a sanctuary for visitors to relax and enjoy a garden environment.

The shed was constructed by a local contractor with a roof to support 100 lbs. per square foot. There is a 2% slope. An impermeable layer was installed over the plywood, then a layer of pea stone, then a filter cloth layer. The planting medium is 40% coir, 40% perlite and 20% compost. Sedums are the primary plants installed so far but we will be adding a greater variety of plants in the future. The exposure is full sun.


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