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See the ZinCo project profile of the Subaru Showroom here and see more of their projects in English here. Learn about ZinCo USA in The Greenroof Directory here, and ZinCo International here.

Located atop the six floor, the roof of the Subaru Showroom in Singapore offers a unique experience for their customers: it was outfitted with an intensive greenroof to allow the opportunity to test drive their new all-wheel Subarus and have a place for recreation. The ZinCo “Green Roof System Driveways” was used on this physically demanding project.

The length of the car dealership roof measures 180 meters, and the design offers three different landscape spaces: a tropical rain forest, a rock garden and a desert. Palm trees and other lush vegetation was chosen for this tropical island location, set within a 1.2 meter deeep growing media.

The ZinCo Slip Sheet TGF was fully covered by Elastodrain? EL 202 drainage elements, and ramps and bridges were built above the protection and drainage layers. The driving lanes were edged with rocks, and the rooftop also includes a waterfall and a sand track.


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