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SmithGroup is located at 301 Battery Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111; 415.227.0100. For more information regarding the SmithGroup project, visit their website at and see their case study. Native Sons is the regional grower for the LiveRoof modular greenroof system. Contact David Fross of Native Sons, Inc. at or visit Learn about LiveRoof in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory, and see the LiveRoof Case Study here.

“Transforming an 83-year-old San Francisco landmark building into a progressive and high-performance office was the vision for SmithGroup’s new office. The design delivers a contemporary workplace that balances the historic aspects of the notable Bently Reserve building, demonstrates a commitment to environmental preservation and attests to the artistry and synergetic culture of SmithGroup.

“The finished space serves as a showpiece for innovative design strategies, reflecting that sustainable design can be beautiful. A two-story interconnecting stair, which embodies the spirit of the office, allows visual connectivity between floors and encourages collaboration. Exposed original brick walls, steel beams and concrete floors respect the building’s historic past while creating an aesthetic that set the tone for the design of the office. A green roof completes the space, providing a retreat for employees and further reinforces to the firm’s commitment to sustainability,” (SmithGroup Case Study).

A coastal prairie blend of slender field sedge and beach strawberry combined with a mix of California red fescue selections cover this San Francisco roof terrace with a plant community native to the landscape prior to development of the city. The wind blown 7th floor site faces north with significant building shade in winter.

Viewed from offices on three sides and a hotel next door, the roof provides a soothing greensward on what was once a reflective concrete surface. Tree planters of Rhus lancea and African sumac and walkway were preexisting. They are beautiful and have done well for many years. A 4 inch LiveRoof Hybrid System was installed on September 15, 2007.


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