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LiveRoof Global, LLC
P.O. Box 533
Spring Lake, MI 49456 USA
Contact Sales Staff
Phone 800-875-1392
Fax 616-842-3273
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LiveRoof is a proven, hybrid green roof solution that has been installed on over 4 million square feet globally, showcased in our project database. With over a thousand satisfied customers, we have proven to provide the most reliable and advanced green roof solution in the marketplace.

We have developed a patented "hybrid" modular system which combines the best features of all existing types of green roofing. LiveRoof provides the Natural Function and Natural Beauty of "built in place" green roof systems but without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation. LiveRoof offers the speed of installation of modules but without grid lines or compartmentalization of soil. LiveRoof systems offer the prevegetation of carpet or sod-like green roof systems but with a broader plant palette and without the need for excessive watering and maintenance required by mat systems (for establishment).

We populate each module with locally blended engineered soils and locally selected and grown RoofTop Proven™ plants, under the care of local professional horticulturists. Our grower network has over 500 years collective experience in horticulture, and each local licensed grower typically has decades of experience growing plants in the local climate, and uses this knowledge to select the right plants for the unique challenges of each project. We also have over a dozen Accredited Green Roof Professionals (GRP) in our network and our professional representatives provide industry leading support.

LiveRoof is also an industry leader in research, and our green roof system was the first to receive FM Approval, a Class A Fire Rating, and to conduct Full Scale Wind Uplift testing. Our organization has bred, selected and introduced dozens of plants specifically for thriving under the rigorous challenges of rooftop environments. We have supported institutions in researching optimum stormwater management, the most effective irrigation methods, and much more.

We make design easy, providing personalized expert support, a Spec Writer which generates custom specifications in minutes, a Designer's Checklist to avoid common challenges on green roofs, and CAD and Revit compatible details in 2D and 3D (BIM) formats.


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