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See a gallery of photos from the ZinCo Green Roof Tour that Linda and Aramis Velazquez and Kelly and Trish Luckett went on in September, 2004 here. Learn about ZinCo USA in The Greenroof Directory here, and ZinCo International here.

Originally, in the summer of 2002 the main roof of the Unterensingen School was only planned to be provided with an extensive greenroof. The idea to use the roof for the creation of a solar plant to be run jointly by a group of people came up later. Two hundred solar panels with an output of 23 kW(p) and a large extensive greenroof now grace the top roof of this large school for primary and secondary grades in Unterensingen. The panels power enough electricity for the entire school. The school is quite impressive in that every building and covered walkway is covered in extensive greenroofs – easily over ten separate ones.

This is ZinCo’s first project combining the two green technologies. The aim was to avoid roof penetrations. In order to have possible load of up to 150 kg/m? on the roof area, each support element of the solar equipment was fixed to a ZinCo photovoltaic panel support board, size 1 x 2 m. The panel bases are secured directly to the specially designed drainage board, Solarbasis. The boards themselves are held in place by a substrate filling of 100 mm depth.

Zincolit, a mineral bulk material based on clay tile chippings, provides the necessary ballast on the solar panel support boards. About 100 supports ensure the stability of the solar plant.

The ZinCo-System build-up “Sedum Carpet” was used.
The complete ZinCo System Build-Up follows, as seen in the thumbnail photo below:

Sedum Cuttings – Sown
System Soil ?Sedum carpet?, ca. 80 mmFilter Sheet SF
Floradrain? FD 25
Water Retention /Protection Mat
WaterproofingConcrete Deck


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