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Schlössle-Galerie is located at Kiehnlestrasse 14, 75172 Pforzheim; 07231 154 08-0;, with greenroof photos here. See the project profile from Optigrün/Optigreen and visit the FBB Green Roof of the Year Award page here. Learn about Optigrün international AG / Optigreen in The Greenroof Directory.

The Schlössle Galerie in Pforzheim, Germany offers visitors over 75,000 sf (7,000 m2) of park-like space over an urban shopping mall – three levels of shops with a green roof/park that ties in with a part of the city located on higher ground that now fulfils a recreational function for residents of the city centre.

The greenroof in the heart of Pforzheim connects workers back to nature with areas for recreation and relaxation. The green roof offers various playground items, numerous eating areas and even a cafeteria. The Schlössle Galerie, Pforzheim was the recipient of the FBB -Fachvereinigung Bauwerksbegrünung e.V. (Professional Green Roof Association) – Green Roof of the Year Award for 2006.

The intensive living roof utilizes both a three and four layer greenroof system from Optigrün international. The roof surface is pitched, which is why there are various build-up heights to cope with the incline and the different plant locations. The green roof build-up levels measure between 50 cm to more than 110 cm in height.


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