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Optigrün international AG / Optigreen
Am Birkenstock 19
Krauchenwies-Göggingen, 72505 Germany
Contact Nathanael Hammer
Phone +49 7576 772158
Fax +49 7576 772258


As one of the leading companies in the green roof industry, Optigreen combines over 40 years of experience with continuous innovation and orientation to the demands of the market and a R&D team is working permanently on new products or improvements.

Competent advice and a comprehensive range of products are a top priority in our company's philosophy. Optigreen greens more than two million square meters of roofs per year in different variations all over Europe and abroad.

From simple extensive solutions to high quality and sophisticated intensive roofs or parks and driveways on underground car parks we are in position to offer a green roof solution for almost every roof.

Let's make the world a bit greener every day!


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