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Visit the City of Richmond’s Sustainability page here. Read City’s Green Roof of June 7, 2011 by the Richmond VA Department of Public Utilities. For additional information about the Richmond Waste Water Treatment Plant project, contact Chandra Flight of Riverbend Nursery at 540.763.3362,, or visit Learn about LiveRoof? in The Greenroof Directory.

Richmond’s wastewater treatment plant serves approximately 58,000 customers in the city and is the largest of its kind in Virginia. Located along the south bank of the James River, the plant can treat up to 70 million gallons a day of sanitary sewage and stormwater before returning it to the river.

The city implemented a Sustainable and Green Procurement Policy to encourage the purchase and use of goods and services that best align with the city?s fiscal, environmental, social equity, economic growth, and community enhancement goals. The policy encourages the purchase of environmentally preferable products that reduce the overall negative impact on the environment. To this end, the policy promotes the purchasing of recycled materials and other environmentally preferable goods and services that protect human resources, prevent pollution, reduce waste, conserve resources, and support environmental sustainability.

The LiveRoof hybrid green roof standard (4 inch) modular system was installed on the Richmond Waste Water Treatment Plant in May 2011 by International Roofing. The custom designed sedum mix was grown at Riverbend Nursery.

“It cost $80,000 to install the plants on the 6,000 square foot roof. The plants are sedum, alliums, and euphorbia, selected for their ability to withstand drought, wind and sun. They have shallow root structure, making them ideal for roof landscaping where a deep soil is not possible. The plants also provide many months of flowering blooms,” (City of Richmond, 2011).


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