Heeley City Farm
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The Heeley City Farm Greenroof; Photos Courtesy The Green Roof CentreProject Name: Heeley City Farm
Year: 2001
Owner: Heeley City Farm
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK
Building Type: Other
Type: Extensive
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 64583 sq.ft.
Slope: 40%
Access: Inaccessible, Private
Submitted by: The Green Roof Centre

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Architect: EcoArc (Old Village School, Harton, York)
Main Contractor: Totty Construction
Roof Greening Contractor: Sheffield Rebuild Ltd.
Greenroof System: Erisco Bauder
Photos Courtesy The Green Roof Centre
Heeley City Farm is a friendly farm and environmental visitor centre in Heeley, in the heart of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Now 25 years old and winner of many national and international awards, Heeley City Farm provides environmental, health, food and farming education to around 5,000 school children and many tens of thousands of adult visitors each year. The farm is a community based training, employment and youth project which employs over 30 people, mostly previously unemployed, on a range of environmentally based enterprises. The farm runs a community caf? and a peat-free garden centre on its 2-hectare reclaimed urban brown field site. The farm has worked hard to move on from high grant dependency to a more entrepreneurial approach to meeting social need.The Every Action Counts website states, "The farm?s new building is environmentally friendly and generates all of the farm's electricity needs with our new wind turbine. We work with school children and the local community on energy efficiency. The farm has also formed an alliance with another group to lobby for kerbside collection of recyclables, including organic wastes, throughout Sheffield," (see below). Completed in the summer of 2001, the green roof is a demonstration of the farm's committment to sustainable development and environmental issues. The project demonstrates a positive achievement in terms of environmental design and brownfield urban regeneration utilising a local employment construction scheme.
A bench made from old tyres (Source: Heeley City Farm ? www.nickrobinson.info)Inside a polytunnel (Source: Heeley City Farm ? www.nickrobinson.info)
The Low Impact Living Initiative runs one-day courses here in partnership with the South Yorkshire Energy Centre - also based at Heeley City Farm.

Green Roof Elements: Erisco Bauder extensive sedum system. Extensive roof overlaid with a sedum mats on a thicker substrate that had come from the bus shelters on West Street.

Additional thumbnail photos:

April 13, 2006; Photo by: Gregory Deryck?re; Source: WikipediaA different perspective; Photos Courtesy The Green Roof CentrePhoto Source:  Low Impact Living Initiative
Visit the Heeley City Farm website here; the farm is open every day from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm (4.30 pm in the winter) and admission is free. Visit Every Action Counts for an in-depth interview about the Heeley City Farm, see 360 degree shots here from Spin Sheffield, and learn about the various courses offered from The Low Impact Living Initiative here. For more information, please contact The Green Roof Centre c/o Groundwork Sheffield, The Innovation Centre, 217 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP; Fax: 0114 263 6429; Website: www.groundwork-sheffield.org.uk.
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