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To see this project in German, click here. Conception: The roof of the municipal building on the Esslingen Pliensau Cemetary located in southern Germany was provided with a simple intensive green roof. It presents a pleasant contrast to the smog-covered Neckar valley, and it was also a small revolution for the construction at the time. With the thermal insulating green roof build-up, a conventional warm roof was turned into an energy-saving DUO-Roof, which is still working to date. The building is also the seat of the town?s horticultural department office.

Even today, after 29 years, the roof and vegetation are working excellently and the green roof piques the interest of visitors from near and far. From the photos you can see that walkways of concrete slabs make inspection and maintenance easier. Even in autumn, the green roof shows attractive and colourful sights.ZinCo System Buildup, see detail below:Vegetation with Sedum, perennials, and grasses;System Substrate ?Roof Garden? ca. 100 mm;Filter Sheet SF;Thermally insulating drainage element Floratherm? WD 180;Water dam-up, ca. 70 mm;Isolation and Protection Mat ISM 50;Roof construction with thermal insulation and rootproof waterproofing.


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