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The seventh grade students and teachers at Our Lady of the Visitation School in Green Township, Ohio, initiated a truly unique green roofing project at their very own school, kicking off what promises to be an educational and fun relationship with the environment for the future leaders of green building and design.

In partnership with GreenGrid? Green Roofs and Wm. Kramer & Son Roofing and Sheet Metal, the students at Our Lady of the Visitation have planted, installed, and are maintaining a sustainable ?green roof? on a special portion of their school?s roof.

To begin the project, the students planted various sedums in 2? x 2? x 4? GreenGrid? containers made of recycled materials. Then, they installed the modules on a special 168-sf section of the school roof. For the remainder of the year, students will collect data using temperature sensors and laptops to compare rooftop temperatures on the green portion of the roof to a control portion that does not have the green covering. At the end of the year, students will create presentations of their findings and present the results to the community.


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