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Learn all about ZinCo USA here. See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo International website here for more information on their products. See the Northern Institute of Technology project profile auf Deutsch here.

The Northern Institute of Technology (NITHH) is situated on the university campus of Hamburg. The new university rooms were constructed by lowering the campus courtyard by one storey. The planning condition required a green roof to be installed on top of the roof of the new rooms. The idea was to create a 300 m2 (3,229 sf) intensive green roof that blended harmoniously into the adjoining green area.A second location requiring a green roof was the area over the NITHH entrance. This roof already had a system of solar panels installed on it, and by installing an extensive green roof around the panels, the students now have a view of nature combined with technology! The windows and balconies of the student apartments offer a view of the 200 m2 (2,153 sf) extensive green roof below.

Left: The Extensive ZinCo System Build-up:Vegetation ?Meadow Scents? (sown);System Substrate ?Rockery Type Plants? ca. 80 mm;Filter Sheet SF;Floratec FS 50;Separation/Protection Mat TSM 32;Roof construction, rootproof.Right: The Intensive ZinCo System Build-up:Vegetation (planted);Intensive substrate, ca. 250 mm;Filter Sheet SF;Floradrain? FD 60,filled with Zincolit;Isolation/Protection Mat ISM 50;Roof construction, rootproof.


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