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The Espace Aquatique de Morzine or Morzine Aquatics Center is located within the Parc des Dérêches at 608 B Route du Palais de Sports
74110 Morzine, France; +33 (0)4 50 79 01 69; visit,, and See these project profiles from the archtects: Daragon-Cheysson Agency and Fabrice David Architecte; read a case study in French from CAUE Haute-Savoie. Watch the great 1:48 video Parc des Dérêches | Sports et Loisirs à Morzine showing spectacular views of the park, the Morzine Aquatics Center and its green roof.

The Morzine Aquatics Center is featured in the month of July in The 2014 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Calendar. Learn about Vegetal i.D. in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory.

Situated in the heart of the Morzine-Avoriaz mountain resort in the Dérêches area of France, the Parc des Dérêches offers more than 10 sports and leisure activities for the whole family in summer and winter alike. Its Espace Aquatique de Morzine or the Morzine Aquatics Center is a leisure centre for visitors to exercise, have fun or simply relax. The swimming complex of the Parc des Dérêches has it all thanks to modern and quality indoor and outdoor facilities; water activities can be enjoyed in all weather conditions, located under a beautiful green roof.

Architects Fabrice David and the Daragon – Cheysson Agency have skillfully designed the covered water sports center with simple elegance, an artful play of volumes, and a variety of materials. Built on the existing site of the outdoor pools, this two story complex comprises a main 25m pool, a beginners’ pool, children’s pool, diving pit 20m deep, 160 m2 spa with 3 saunas and 2 steam baths, restaurant, dressing and locker rooms, showers and toilets, accommodations for the caretaker, and terrace as well as technical and storage facilities.

This two story complex has a striking zig-zag roofline with massive overhangs. Undulating in an irregular rhythm, the building features a broad expanse of glass panes for daylighting and maximum outdoor viewing pleasure. The Le Prieuré Vegetal i.D. green roof overhead softens the cubist lines with beautiful and hardy vegetation. The rear north facade of the building is earth sheltered, meeting grade at its northeast point.

Located in an exceptional natural environment within the French Alps, one of the priorities of the architects for the Morzine Aquatics Center was to integrate this massive and very visible building within its surroundings. Covered with fully pre-grown vegetated HYDROPACK® modules from Vegetal i.D., the green roof blends into the landscape offering a beautiful “fifth facade” view for pedestrians who use the suspended bridge overlooking the building.

The Vegetal i.D. “MIX-FLORE Aroma” Plant mix of perennials and sedum plants include Dianthus carthusianorum, Dianthus deltoides, Festuca glauca, and Sedum hybridum, among other varieties.


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