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Vegetal i.D. Inc.
7939 Bank St. Road
Batavia, NY 14020 USA
Contact Gaelle Berges
Phone 585-343-6400
Fax 585-343-6401
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Vegetal i.D. Inc. is the developer and producer of many innovative technologies in North America. The nursery is located in Batavia, NY (Western New York State) and it is one of the largest nurseries dedicated to green roof and living wall solutions.

For over 20 years, Vegetal i.D. has designed and manufactured complete green roof systems that are efficient and require minimum maintenance and irrigation. Our team will assist the development and implementation of your green roof project from conceptual design to realization and maintenance plan creation.

As a pioneer in the production and development of vegetated green roof systems for green architecture, Vegetal i.D. has one of the largest green roof nurseries in both France and the United States.

We believe that Green Roofs and Living Walls improve citizen lifestyle and health. Vegetal i.D. strives to be part of building a better world for the future generations. Our company places the utmost importance on humans, making people the heart of our overall duty: To Help Nature Gain Ground.

Vegetal i.D. is driven by an imperative to provide extraordinary customer service. Our experts are at every rooftop garden installation to offer guidance to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting green roof. Every green roof supplied by Vegetal i.D. is populated entirely with plants grown at our nurseries. We believe that the health and durability of our plant stock is dependent on the knowledge, experience, and skill of our staff in the field.


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