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Moore Farms Botanical Garden is located at 100 New Zion Rd, Lake City, SC 29560; 843.210.7582; Watch the May 3, 2016 7:26 video Making It Grow – Moore Farms Botanical Garden’s Green Roof by SouthCarolinaETV on YouTube. For more information on the Moore Farms Botanical Garden Research Roof and Wall contact Marc Trinks, MFBG Green Roof / Green Wall Specialist, or visit their website.

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Completed on December 15, 2011, the purpose of constructing the new Moore Farms Botanical Garden Research Roof and Wall is: To construct a green roof and green wall with the purpose of researching, trialing and expanding the pallete of viable plants for Zone 8 and Southeast green roofs.

Additionally, this research will benefit in promoting the top performing plants to designers, architects and nurseries in green roof/wall projects.

The 400 sq ft Moore Farms Botanical Garden Research green wall was designed in-house. The modules consist of 4-foot wide, window box design trays. Each tray is hung on the support structure via a french cleat, making removal and maintenance easy. The trays are filled with 8″ of Erth Products green roof media and irrigated via micro emitter spray irrigation. To date around 50 different species of plants are being trialed.

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