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ERTH Products, LLC.
P.O. Box 3750
Peachtree City, GA 30269 USA
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Phone 770-487-6677
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Environmental Resource & Technology for Humanity

ERTH Products, LLC. is the Southeast's premiere soil solutions company -- manufacturing quality engineered soils and growth media for environmentally friendly, sustainable landscape systems. No matter how unique the performance criteria for your growth media may be, we can blend a media to meet those criteria. We can also match existing specifications or work with architects, engineers, and consultants to develop specifications to fit your particular project.

We offer:

  • Quality Components: Lightweight Rotary Kiln Expanded Clay & Slate, STA nutrient grade compost, composted pine bark fines, USGA Sand, slate dust minerals, compost teas, and CU-Structural Soil™ Mix.

  • Quality Control: State-of-the-art blending facilities, independent laboratory testing on components and growing media, and delivery of a consistent finished product.

  • Quality Service: Shipment to the job site within 1-2 days via tandem/tractor trailer dump trucks, 1 cubic yard super sacks, 1.5 cubic foot palletized bags, or we can install the growth media using pneumatic blower trucks on site. We also offer distribution of Lightweight Expanded Slate or Clay in the Eastern U.S. via dump trailers on rail cars.

  • Competitive Prices and Proven Results: Represented by projects like the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, The Midtown Metropolis (pictured), the Mayfair Renaissance (pictured), the Arthur Blank Family Foundation Building, and the Paramount Buckhead Condos.

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