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Moore Farms Botanical Garden is located at 100 New Zion Rd, Lake City, SC 29560; 843.210.7582; Watch the May 3, 2016 7:26 video Making It Grow – Moore Farms Botanical Garden’s Green Roof by SouthCarolinaETV on YouTube. For more information on the Moore Farms Botanical Garden Research Roof and Wall contact Marc Trinks, MFBG Green Roof / Green Wall Specialist, or visit their website.

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Completed on December 15, 2011, the purpose of constructing the new Moore Farms Botanical Garden Research Roof and Wall is: To construct a green roof and green wall with the purpose of researching, trialing and expanding the pallete of viable plants for Zone 8 and Southeast green roofs.

Additionally, this research will benefit in promoting the top performing plants to designers, architects and nurseries in green roof/wall projects.

The 6,000 sq ft green roof at Moore Farms Botanical Garden sits atop the garden’s Maintenance Facility. The building was designed by architect Joe Rogers, with energy efficiency in mind. Its south-facing glass front is designed to let winter sun into the building, while the 4:12 pitched green roof atop it helps insulate from the heat and humidity of the South Carolina summers. The built-up roof is hybrid in its construction; consisting of an Owens Corning waterproofing membrane, Enkadrain drainage mat, American Hydrotech GardNet soil confinement system, 6 inches of ErthProducts green roof media, and tens of thousands of plants.

The roof is a research roof, and to date over 130 species of plants have been trialed. A mixture of annuals, perennials, bulbs, woodys and xeric plants have been measured, photographed and catalogued as they grow and perform atop the roof. This performance data is available via the Garden’s database, accessible via the website at

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