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Visit Michelle Kaufmann Designs website, and follow along with the process of building the SMART HOME on Michelle Kaufmann’s blog. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry’s Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit page here, where you can buy tickets online. Learn more about GreenGrid in The Greenroof Directory here.

A new exhibit at Chicago?s Museum of Science and Industry will be topped by energy-efficient, environmentally friendly roofing systems from Mule-Hide? Products Co. Inc., Weston Solutions Inc. (Weston?), and American Construction Metals (ACM). The roof was installed on a fully functioning, three-story modular and sustainable ?green? home built on the Museum grounds located at 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The home will be the centerpiece of an exhibit titled Smart Home: Green + Wired, Powered by ComEd and Warmed by People?s Gas. The exhibit will be open May 8, 2008 ? Jan. 4, 2009.Visitors to the home will be able to stroll around the green roof featuring the patented GreenGrid? Modular Green Roof System. Created by engineering, roofing and horticultural experts, the system includes lightweight GreenGrid modules that arrive at the site pre-planted and ready to install. In the case of the Smart Home, 155 2? x 2? x 4? modules will be planted with Allium schoenprasum ‘Forscate’, Sedum album ?Murale?, Sedum ?Baileys Gold?, Sedum spurium ?Fuldaglut?, Sedum sexangulare, Sedum spurium ?John Creech?, Sedum spurium ?Dragons Blood? and Sedum rupestre ?Angelina?. The GreenGrid modules were placed on top of the white, .045-inch thick Mule-Hide TPO membrane. The membrane will be fully adhered to the Mule-Hide FR Deck Panel.

Conceived by Michelle Kaufmann Designs and built by All American Homes, the mkSolaire? will be the featured attraction at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry as part of the Smart Home: Green and Wired exhibition starting on May 8, 2008. The mkSolaire? will feature:- the most current eco-friendly materials – high performance, energy efficient building systems – a living roof – a solar electric generation system – a rain catchment system – plus the latest innovations in home technology available.The design of the home together with these innovative materials and advanced systems combine to create a healthy environment that dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of this model home.


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