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The newly constructed Menards Home Improvement Store located on the Northwest side of the City of Chicago was completed in May of 2009. As part of the construction of the building, a 104,556 square foot GreenGrid extensive modular green roof was installed. The green roof was the last component of the building to be installed. Construction delays created a very short window for the green roof installation, which needed to be completed before the grand opening. Weston and Local Roofing were able to deliver and install the GreenGrid roof in just ten days, which on average represents 10,455 square feet per day.

This 104,556 square-foot extensive green roof represents one of the largest modular green roofs in the world. It was pre-planted with five varieties of Sedum including Sedum ?Bailey?s Gold?, Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum reflexum, Sedum sexangular, and Sedum spurium ?Fuldaglut?.


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