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The McGrath Acura Car Dealership is located at 1301 North Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60642; visit the website at: See the project profile from The Missner Group – click on “McGrath Acura.” Read the July 23, 2012 Missner Group completes construction of Chicago auto dealership by Tim Gregorski in Building Design + Construction. Learn about the following companies in The Greenroof Directory: Vegetal i.D. and Carlisle SynTec.

Located along the north branch of the Chicago River, the site for the new state-of-the-art 57,550-sf McGrath Acura Dealership of Chicago underwent extensive renovations. The Missner Group incorporated numerous sustainable design elements to the final plan, a 47,000 square foot renovation of the existing facility and a 10,550 square foot addition – a new Acura service center, parts department, and car wash.

The McGrath Acura of Downtown Chicago is a comprehensive Acura and used car center, and the Acura property includes a greenroof which receives full sun and using permeable pavers for the parking lot.

“The pavers are designed to reduce the impervious area of the project and allow for storm water management in keeping with the City of Chicago?s best management practices. The pavers also serve as a walkway which extends along the Chicago River to an outdoor patio and sitting area where an ornamental fence frames the property,” (Building Design + Construction, 2012).

HYDROPACK?, the patented, innovative tray system for green roofs from Vegetal i.D., was used as the greenroof system, installed on April 26, 2012 on a 55?F windy and sunny day. The installation team consisted of 7 persons plus one Vegetal I.D. representative, and it was estimated to take one person to lay down 260 sf per hour. Access was from inside using a ladder to get to the roof.

Materials & Installation Notes:

Protection fabric to cover the Carlisle SynTec TPO;
White plastic walkways to design the vegetation-free zone, no stone ballast (Hydropack does not require aluminum edges to design the vegetation-free zone);
1,719 Hydropack? trays were used (no trays were left over after the installation);
The Hydropack? vegetation was still dormant; a few chives were starting to bloom, as well as the thyme;
Fertilization with a slow release fertilizer (18, 6, 12) is recommended within the first 18 months, by Spring 2013;
By Summer 2012 the greenroof vegetation has greened up beautifully.

The HYDROPACK? is both the best solution for creating a living, breathing green roof and the optimal storm water management tool. With more than 5 million square feet installed on over 1,500 rooftops, HYDROPACK? is the most widely used tray system in existence.


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