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Learn more about Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants, Roofscapes, and Sika Sarnafil in The Greenroof Directory. See the Roofscapes Case Study here, and the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award here.

The Life Expression Wellness Center, located in Sugar Loaf, eastern PA, is a 6,000 sf Roofmeadow? Type I: 5″ Flower Carpet greenroof atop the Chiropractic Center. Completed in June 2001 and designed by Van Der Ryn Architects, the intent of the sloped and curved greenroof was to echo the surrounding hills. It is believed to be one of the steepest greenroofs in North America. The Life Expression Wellness Center is the winner of the 2004 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North American Green Roofs of Excellence Award in the Extensive Institutional category.

The undulating curves of the Life Expression Wellness Center have roof deck pitches ranging from 3:12 (14?) to 7:12 (30?). The unique roof design allows runoff to discharge along the length of the eaves, creating a curtain effect.The vegetated cover reduces the rate and quantity of runoff, and also prolongs the duration of runoff, further emphasizing this curtain effect. The plants were supplied by Emory Knoll Farms. This project also incorporates an integrated leak detection system furnished by Roofscapes, Inc.


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