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Visit St?tzer und Neher Landscape Architects at: Learn about the following companies in The Greenroof Directory: Optigr?n international AG / Optigreen and Green Roof Service LLC.

The Kriegbaum Logistic Center and production facility is located in southwest Germany. This extensive greenroof in Bondorf was designed by St?tzer + Neher Landscape Architects primarily as a nature roof for advanced water retention.

This was a pilot project for using green roofs as a storm water management tool. The entire complex containing the two huge warehouses and adjacent parking areas has no run-off to the sewer system. All rainwater is retained, treated and infiltrated into the ground water on-site. All components were tested to avoid any contamination of the ground water. The infiltration water (run-off) is consistently tested for water quality. Since the project has hardly any run-off it is often impossible to perform water tests.

Installation of this 14 acre green roof was a special challenge since it had to be completed within 10 weeks. This could only be achieved by having 4 state of the art blower trucks on site working constantly to apply the 10,000 cubic yards of growing media on the roof. With a 150-ton hydraulic crane, all the other components (almost 100 truckloads ? 3 per day) were conveyed to the roof area.

J?rg Breuning of Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology coordinated 4 experienced and certified green roof installing companies to achieve this short installation time. The goal was to install 10,000 sft. of green roof a day plus 8,000 sft. of concrete pavers and 150 yards of filling material for super oversized linear roof drainage channels. Installation was done in late fall and the project was confronted with historically heavy tornado storms in winter 96/97. The storm damaged 0.3% of the green roof while all material still remained on the roof, even large concrete pavers were relocated by the impact.

With advanced stormwater treatment onsite, the owner saved approximately 4 million Euro in construction costs. Kriegbaum Logistics Center: Extensive green roof built in 1996, covers a little more than 48,000 square meters. The height of the building varies from 75 ? 150 ft. The costs were approx. 2.2 million Euro (ca. $ 4.70 sft). The green roof is not accessible.


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