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Additional Resources

See the 2012 5:47 video Lange versie tilburg intermezzo in Dutch about the construction of the roof garden at the Intermezzo in Tilburg from Heijmans Sport en Groen on YouTube. For more information about the Intermezzo project, contact Peter Koop of ZinCo Benelux at: Learn about ZinCo GmbH in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory.

The Intermezzo consists of two volumes of different heights closing a square, formed by the roof of an underground parking lot. Flanked by a skyscraper, housing residential lots and commercial areas, the large public roof garden over its parking garage was completed on May 18, 2010. It has varying slopes and is used by many people.

project of 6000 m2 is made with 4004 m2 of ZinCo filter sheet PVm, Stabilodrain SD 30, and filter sheet PV for use by trucks.
1442 m2 was made with ZinCo protection mat SSM 45, Flordrain FD 40 systemfilter SF for plan, 670 m2 ZinCo protection math SSM 45, and Flordrain FD 60 filter sheet SF for trees.


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