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Ingleside at King Farm is located at 701 King Farm Blvd., Rockville, MD 20850; 240.499.9015; and visit their website.

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Ingleside at King Farm is a new retirement community in the D.C. area who say are pioneering their own with a truly member-centered approach by creating a green space that reflects their core values and sustains biodiversity for generations to come. Located just north of Washington, DC in Montgomery County, Maryland, Ingleside at King Farm was built to offer health and wellness to its members while taking advantage of the area’s environmental consciousness. Ingleside’s history of providing quality care in the D.C. Metro area has endured for over a century, with its sister communities of Ingleside at Rock Creek and Westminster at Lake Ridge, and Ingleside at King Farm opened in March of 2009. A preschool as well as single family homes are nestled into the intergenerational planned community of King Farm.

Montgomery County and the State of Maryland have very strict requirements for stormwater management. To match these requirements for the Westminster Ingleside Group, Vegetal i.D. and the civil engineers worked together to find the right green roof solution for King Farm. This low maintenance green roof system manages the high volume rain falls while increasing the water retention by the plants thanks to its wicking pedestals that feed the plants, increase their evapo-transpiration rate and lower runoffs.

The green roof is highly visible from the apartments above and it was important to install a instant vegetated system for the residents.

The Vegetal i.D. Hydroventiv green roof system was placed on the roof in combination with the Hydropack modular system to retain up to 2 gallons per sq. ft. for only 33 lbs per sq. ft. maximum weight fully saturated.

Hydroventiv is monitored in real time thanks to water level sensors placed on the roof, and provides stormwater management performance reports. This monitoring system allows to send maintenance alerts to the client to keep up with the health of the plants.


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