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Oberlin College, located just outside of Cleveland, is an institution known for its interest in the green movement. With a zero-waste building on campus and plenty of new green construction in the planning stages, Oberlin College is becoming a definite leader in the movement to use green technology for educational purposes.Placed on Harkness Hall, one of the housing buildings on campus, this GreenGrid green roof is accessible and plaza-like, enabling students and faculty to view the plants and modules and become more familiar with the growth process of a green roof.

This roof was initiated by Oberlin College?s Office of Environmental Sustainability in their ongoing effort to green the campus and includes a mix of five sedums:Sedum ?Bailey?s Gold?/ ?Weihenstephaner Gold?Sedum kamtschaticumSedum reflexumSedum sexangularSedum spurium ?Fuldaglut? / ?Dragon?s Blood?


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