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On Monday May 9th 2011, Bel Air welcomed its first green roof. Green roofs can present many benefits to the community in terms of offering open space, cleaner air, habitat, and most importantly storm water management. The green roof is done by local green roof design firm Green Roof Service.

?Living in Bel Air we thought it a shame that with all the green roofs we have done worldwide that there were none in Bel Air,? Jorg Breuning owner of Green Roof Service LLC. Jorg Breuning started his career in green roofs at the start of the green roof revolution in German over 30 years ago and brought modern green roof technology to the US in 1999. As the first green roof expert in the US he advised the installation of the Chicago City Hall green roof in 1999 and since has educated architects, suppliers, and nurseries across the country and even in Harford county.

To remedy the lack of green roof situation, Green Roof Service installed and fully funded a green roof on the sloped front portion of their office building. Cost wasn’t a concern for this project because the firm believes so strongly in what they do that to lead through example it was well worth it despite its location being on a rental property. ?The original plan was to build a carport to put the green roof on, but permitting issues arose, so for now this will be our gift to Bel Air as an important step towards reaching its future sustainability goals,? Breuning. Green Roof Service would like to encourage the growth of green roofs in Bel Air and is looking to donate a similar green roof to a volunteer building or organization.

The green roof features a mix of succulent plants known as sedums and some herbs. The green roof is on the second floor of the office building at 210 North Hickory Avenue and is open to the public during normal business hours.


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