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Green Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology
3646 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21211, USA (Google Maps)
Service Areas: USA
Jörg Breuning
Phone 443-345-1578; Fax 443-345-1533
  • Suppliers > Complete Single Source Green Roofing
  • Professional Services > Consultants > Greenwall Design
  • Professional Services > Consultants > Greenroof Design
  • Professional Services > Consultants > Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Professional Services > Industry Designations > GRP (Green Roof Professional)
  • Professional Services > Speaker's Bureau > Lunch and Learn
  • Professional Services > Speaker's Bureau > Lectures
  • Professional Services > Speaker's Bureau > Workshops
One of the founding fathers of green roofs in the US, Green Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology are experts from Germany with more than 35 years of experience in planning, designing, installation & maintenance of green roofs (+ solar) & walls.
[info@greenroofservice.com] [Link to this listing]







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