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For more information on Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and it sustainability initiatives, please visit: See the project pprofile on the GreenGrid website, and learn all about GreenGrid in The Greenroof Directory here.

Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is the first resort in upstate New York to install a green roof and fully embrace sustainable initiatives. The resort has implemented green programs on a variety of fronts to reduce the environmental impact not only of the hotel, but also of the traveler. In 2008, Golden Arrow was one of only a dozen properties in North America to receive the Audubon Society?s 4 Green Leaf Eco Rating for Hotels. This rating is given to inns and hotels that embrace environmental stewardship and best practices to minimize their impact on the environment. Golden Arrow has also been recognized by New York?s Department of Environmental Conservation for their green programs and was awarded one of three Environmental Excellence Awards.

Some of the ?green? features of the resort include a limestone beach that reduces the impacts of acid rain, in-room recycling, insulated windows, energy-efficient lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures and, of course, a GreenGrid green roof that provides wildlife habitat, reduces stormwater runoff and helps reduce energy consumption used to cool the resort in the summer. The resort offers incentives for guests that travel by foot, ski, bike or hybrid car and assists others in the hospitality industry find ways to reduce their own carbon footprint.Completed in the summer, 2008, the green roof will help minimize stormwater impacts to Mirror Lake and restore natural habitat to the Adirondack Mountains. Some of the plants used in the green roof include Sedum Album ?Coral Carpet?, Sedum Kamschaticum, Sedum Cauticola ?Bertram Anderson?, Sedum Sexangulare, Sedum Spurium ?Fuldaglut?, Sedum Spurium ?White Form?, Sedum Florifreum ?Weihenstephaner Gold?, Allium Schoenoprasm (chives) and Sempervivum.


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