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Central Park Praha is located at Budova B1, Pitterova 2855/13, 13000 Praha 3; visit their website in English. Read about the Central Park Praha’s greenroofed terrace houses at their website, which has a photo gallery; see the profiles from AED project, a.s., A69 Architects and Optigrün / Optigreen. Learn about Optigrün international AG / Optigreen in The Greenroof Directory.

Located near the historic Prague city center, Central Park Praha (Prague) is a new multi-family residential complex by designers A96 Architects and AED Project. The Central Park Praha project offers its own 1.5-hectare park and it is also right next to one of the largest Prague parks – Parukáøka. According to architects AED project, a.s. “The architectural concept of the apartment complex builds on the advantages of the location and the standards of contemporary living. The design is inspired by the sharp Parukarka ridge, a prominent natural feature in the densely built-up Zizkov. The layout of the apartment complex was inspired by the natural environment, transforming its sharp features into a park through an artificial green embankment.

“The embankment is actually a terraced building with a green roof and façade. The compact green façade is used as the roof of two-storey townhouses interrupted by balcony frames playfully distorting the layout by connecting several smaller units into one larger unit. The terraced building combines the features of an apartment building and a row townhouse in one,” (

The Central Park Praha website states, “The original terraced townhouses fulfill the dream of every city dweller with the comfort of a classic apartment with the advantages of a family house surrounded by greenery. The terraced townhouses in Central Park Prague offer the advantages of independence and privacy connected with your own home.

“The villas have separate entries, their own garages and yards and of course the residents can make full use of the complex’s services. The terraced townhouses do not only resonate with nature inside, thanks to the use of natural materials, but outside as well. Their walls and roofs are covered by a unique carpet of grass. In addition to its ecological and aesthetic function, the thick carpet of garden plants significantly makes the quality of the microclimate of the houses and the entire complex more pleasant. It regulates humidity, limits the amount of dust and softens the overall acoustics of the environment in a natural way. Plus you do not have to tend to the carpet of grass because the complex administrator takes care of it,” (

The Central Park Prague is unique in many ways; attractive exteriors and innovatively designed interiors combine with environmental considerations and energy efficiency. And it combines modern architecture and habitat in the countryside, offering a range of living spaces. The concept combines residential towers and townhouses located in a hillside and surrounded by green space.

An important and clearly visible aspect of the natural design are extensively vegetated steep roofs of the row houses. The green roof connects the grounds of the park with the residential buildings and creates a seamless green transition. The plant carpet contributes significantly with its naturally-positive characteristics to the quality of the entire complex and the microclimate. A total of approximately 1,000 square meters of pitched roofs were realized using the Optigreen system solution “slope roof system type T,” for roof slopes up to 45°. The anti-slip system was necessary to keep the substrate and sedum in place. It was laid on top of the roof structure, followed by the storage mat SSV 800 and filled with extensive substrate type E. The vegetation was established with pre-cultivated vegetation mats. For an adequate water supply, an automatic drip irrigation system was installed in the substrate (FBB Greenroof of the Year page, Word doc.).

The Central Park Praha Phase I project and Optigrün received the 2011 Fachvereinigung Bauwerksbegrünung e.V. (Professional Green Roof Association) FBB superior unmatched premium quality Greenroof of the Year Award. While Central Park Praha Phase I exclusively utilized Optigrün / Optigreen products, a total of approximately 3000 m2 of steep green roofs were implemented overall on both Phase I and Phase II – about a third of them using the Optigreen system.


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