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Read the BMW D?sseldorf Office Building Project Profile here in German. Learn about ZinCo in The Greenroof Directory here. See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo website here for more information on their products.

This intensive roof garden and large pond are located 20 metres up on the roof of the BMW office building in D?sseldorf. The idea was to create a representative garden which included a 120 m? miniature lake around a penthouse suite on the roof of the BMW branch office, near the centre of D?sseldorf. Conference rooms and offices offer a direct view and access into the greenery. Pathways take you through the landscape along the water to a terrace, inviting one to spend a few relaxing moments.

The terrace beside the water is not only used for Lunch breaks, but also for open air business meetings. In summer annual plants are planted out to add colour among the permanent landscape of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.The Greenroof System Build-up:Vegetation;System Substrate ?Roof garden?ca. 150- 300 mm;Filter Sheet SF;Floradrain? FD 40;Moisture Retention/Protection Mat SSM 45;Root Barrier WSB 80;Roof construction with rootproof waterproofing.


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