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Bellême Hospital is located at 4 Rue du Mans 61130, Bellême, France; +33 2 33 73 09 16. The Bellême Hospital is featured in the month of July in the 2013 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Calendar.

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Located in Normandy, France, the design intent on the extension of the Bellême Hospital was to provide a sustainable building, LEED certified (HQE). According to various research, the implementation of a green roof underneath solar panels can increase the productivity of electricity by up to 15% as the green roof is limiting temperature fluctuation on the roof as well as decreasing the temperature in the summer. Combining a green roof with solar panels is becoming a more and more common approach to increase the benefits of the vegetated roof.

Le Prieure, the Vegetal i.D. supplier, used the Vegetal i.D. Hydropack green roof tray system on the Bellême Hospital greenroof. Patented in 2000, this module is one of the best tools for stormwater management. The water reservoirs at the bottom of the tray decrease the volume of runoff while increasing the drought tolerance of the plants.

Vegetal i.D. Standard Plant Mix was used on the green roof, including Sedum Album; Sedum sexangulare, Allium(s) (4 different varieties), dianthus (3 different varieties); thyme, Antennaria dioica, Armeria maritima, Camppanula rotundifolia, Gypsophila repens, Hieracium (2 different varieties), Petrorhagia saxifraga, and Sedum reflexum, and Sedum spurium (4 different varieties).

Hydropack is an ALL IN ONE SYSTEM: It incorporates a strong hooking system that mitigates wind uplift; the vegetation is fully grown the day of the installation; the growing media is FLL compliant; a filter fabric retains the growth media within the tray to limit soil erosion; drainage holes have a clearance above the membrane to limit stagnant water from coming back into the tray if the roof slope is < 2%; mineral aggregate drainage is placed at the bottom of the tray to provide anchoring for the roots; and optimal water reserves are designed to increase the drought tolerance of the plants.


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