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The Baltimore Convention Center is located at: One West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201; 410.649.7000; visit their website and specifically their Green Roof page here. See the project profile from the architect, Gant Brunett here. The Baltimore Convention Center is featured in the 2012 Greenroofs & Walls of the World? Calendar in the month of December. Learn about Barrett Company in The Greenroof Directory. Visit National Roofing Co.’s website:

The original project scope of the Baltimore Convention Center called for the replacement of the existing roof membrane due to membrane failure and subsequent leaking into the Convention Center’s main halls below. Once the site was studied, Barrett Company suggested that the Convention Center take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade the aesthetic and functional qualities of the Terrace with a Greenroof installation.

According to Gant Brunett, the architects, the new surface includes structural sun shade devices, plant materials, trees, a new deck membrane, lighting, and water features. It is estimated that the new Green deck configuration will reduce energy losses through the structure by 35%. National Roofing Co. provided the complete terrace roof replacement with green roof including ponds, canopies, lighting systems, and pavers.

The Terrace creates an inviting outdoor green space for Convention guests above the exhibition halls and twenty feet above street level affording a people watching perch for the heavy Pratt Street pedestrian traffic and the Downtown commerce area. Prior to the installation guests did not use the Terrace on hot or even temperate days due to its uninviting nature.

The design objective of the Baltimore Convention Center greenroof was to create an outdoor garden that was aesthetically pleasing to engage or view from the upper lobbies as well as provide more functional aspects such as cooler temperatures through increased shading of greenroofs. The new roof garden also helps reduce runoff, which does not immediately discharge to the local storm water system, but instead runs through the building and will allow the plumbing systems to have a longer life cycle.


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