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Read the Green Loddging News article “ASHRAE Partners with Industry Leaders to Build Sustainable Headquarters” of 10.19.2008 here, and the High Performing Buildings, Fall 2008 PDF here. Visit the ASHRAE Atlanta Chapter Home Page and learn more about GreenGrid in The Greenroof Directory.

ASHRAE has submitted an application for LEED Gold certification for their Atlanta headquarters building, located just off of Druid Hills Road in Atlanta. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) advances technology to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world, and has newly renovated their headquarters to provide a healthy and productive environment for the staff and showcase ASHRAE technology while demonstrating the organization?s commitment to sustainability. “ASHRAE?s goal in renovating its existing headquarters in Atlanta was to provide a healthy and productive environment for staff and to showcase ASHRAE technology, while demonstrating the Society?s commitment to sustainability. The 31,000 ft2 building is designed as a living lab for the membership to advance the arts and sciences of HVAC&R, and to serve the needs of current ASHRAE staff, while at the same time accommodating future growth. The building also has been expanded by 4,500 ft2 to create the ASHRAE Foundation Learning Center for ASHRAE?s growing number of educational and certification programs,” (High Performing Buildings, Fall 2008).

Daikin contributed a vegetative roof garden above the new ASHRAE Foundation Learning Center, which will be known as the Daikin Sustainability Garden (Green Loddging News, 2008). ?Daikin Industries, a member of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations, is committed to providing energy-efficient and sustainable building solutions by ensuring environmentally conscious practices in all business, product development, and manufacturing activities,? said Kosei Uematsu, senior executive officer, Daikin Industries Ltd., and president, Daikin U.S. Corp. ?Daikin Industries is pleased to be a partner in the ASHRAE Headquarters Renewal Project helping to preserve resources for current and future generations,? (Green Loddging News, 2008).The green roof is ~ 1,800 sf and not yet accessible, but they have a walkway they are preparing to build. As part of the ?living lab? concept, building sensors monitor and meter building performance data. Much of that data is accessible to members online at Green measures include increasing the amount of vegetated open space by 45.2 percent above local code requirement, installing a white reflective roof membrane, reducing water consumption through low-flow fixtures, diverting construction waste and reducing site runoff. ASHRAE also retained more than 75 percent of the existing building during the renovation process. Also, a roof-mounted 20 kW photovoltaic electrical power generating array is just one of the many ecologically friendly features of this building.


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