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Visit the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation website here. Click here to view a brief video of Georgia’s first LEED Gold Certified Building. Read more about Erth Products in The Greenroof Directory.

The Arthur M. Blank Family Office was constructed to make a statement about the importance of the environment. The CxGBS (Commissioning & Green Building Solutions) website says, “The Arthur M. Blank Family Office is home to The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and AMB Group, LLC, the investment management and support services arm and parent company of the Blank-owned businesses. The building was designed to be the permanent home of the Blank family foundation for many future generations and to serve as a place for bringing people together to further the causes the foundation supports.The office demonstrates the Blank family?s commitment to the earth?s natural resources and ensures a healthy, comfortable, safe environment for all who enter the building. The facility is Georgia?s first LEED Gold Certified Building, the first LEED Gold-certified office building in the southeast and the first to implement green operations policies.” (

The 3-story, 60,000 sf office building sits over a 38,000 sf underground parking structure located in the Piazza at Paces development. Amenities include private office space, a large public gathering space, and attractive gardens. Erth Products supplied 110 cubic yards of Structural Soil and 860 cubic yards of Lightweight Soil in October, 2004. Interiors have high finishes. Exterior is brick, limestone, and cast stone with slate roof.Sustainable Design Features:Reduced storm water and sewer outflow;Reduced use of potable water ? rain water collection provides 100 percent irrigation requirements; Life cycle efficient materials ? stone and brick for durability and longevity 72 percent construction and occupant waste reduction Green housekeeping and site management; Low use of volatile organic compounds (VOC) materials Reduced heat island; Greater that 40 percent more efficient than a 2001 code-compliant building.


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