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IIBEC Mid-Atlantic Chapter: July Virtual Education Seminar

July 13, 2021

The IIBEC Mid-Atlantic Chapter educational seminar scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 is quickly approaching. As always it should prove to be a stimulating and informative gathering. After careful consideration of the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak and our priority for the health and welfare of our members, this seminar will be held in a virtual setting. Login information for the seminar will be delivered to registrants prior to the event.

Be certain to forward contact information for registrants to iibecmidatlantic@gmail.com to ensure login information for the seminar is delivered.

Stormwater Management Solutions on Low-Slope Roofs – What the Building Enclosure Consultant Should Know

Presenter: Richard C. Hayden – American Hydrotech, Inc.

Abstract: Stormwater management, including retention, detention, or both, are increasingly becoming (or required to be, in certain jurisdictions) key green infrastructure elements on rooftops as they absorb, reduce, and delay stormwater from reaching sewers or other grey infrastructure systems. In the context of vegetative roofs in a Protected Membrane Roofs (PMR) configuration, a variety of products and systems in the roofing overburden can be configured to address project-specific stormwater performance needs. The selection of these products and systems, however, in addition to requiring evaluation against project needs, must be coordinated with other aspects of the building design (e.g., structural, plumbing), to result in an assembly that can be implemented and perform as intended. This course will provide a holistic overview of stormwater retention/detention capabilities and design of PMR systems.