New NYC Solar and/or Green Roof Tax Abatement Documents

March 11, 2009 at 2:00 pm

If you are awaiting more direction to help you apply for a tax abatement in New York City, new solar and/or green roof tax abatement documents  (PDF) have just been made public.   Specifically they are:

1. Solar and Green Roof Tax Abatement Checklist
2. PTA1: Property Tax Abatement Application and Agreement for the Installation of a Green Roof
3. PTA2:   Property Tax Abatement Application and Agreement for the Installation of Solar Panels

Please utilize the Checklist as an outline as to the needs of the Department of Buildings.

Links for the legislation for NYC Green Roofs can be found at:

and for Solar Panels:

Also, there’s a new New York City rule that implements Titles 4-B and 4-C of Article 4 of the Real Property Tax Law for property tax abatements.   These Green Roof and Solar Electric Generating System Tax Abatement Rules (PDF) were published in “The City Record” on March 12, 2009 which is its effective date.

These rules are available for viewing on the DOB website.

Once again, the application and any documents required are due by 4:00 PM, March 16, 2009:

Department of Buildings
280 Broadway
7th floor
New York, NY 10007
Attention: Bonnie Gerard

Bonnie Gerard, Strategic Planning & Implementation, Project Manager NYC 2010 Electrical Code & Special Projects, says to feel free to ask her any questions regarding the application or any of the documents required at:

212-442-1239 (t)
212-566-3865 (f)

Info via Kelly Luckett of Green Roof Blocks, also known here as  The Green Roof Guy.   Thanks, Kelly!

~ Linda V.