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The Portuguese National Association of Green Roofs Announces the NBS Summit Urban Edition 2024

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The Portuguese National Association of Green Roofs (Associação Nacional de Coberturas Verdes – ANCV) is pleased to announce the reference event in the area of urban sustainability, the NBS Summit Urban Edition.

This event, which has the support of the municipality through Águas e Energia do Porto, will take place on the 23rd and 24th of May at the Super Bock Arena, and will bring together leaders, experts, researchers, and professionals to share cutting-edge research and innovations within the scope of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and sustainable urban development.

In its first edition, the NBS Summit presents itself as an interdisciplinary platform of excellence, dedicated to sharing knowledge and discussing Nature-Based Solutions applied to urban territories.

Organized to maximize interaction and knowledge, this event provides a unique opportunity to discover the latest technological advances and practical solutions shaping sustainable urban development and global market prospects. By investigating how architecture, engineering, and other areas of expertise can play crucial roles in achieving European sustainable development goals in an urban context, the NBS Summit aims to be the motivator of ideas and innovations that will lead to the sustainable future of cities, revealing possible strategies to accelerate the progress of the construction sector in Portugal towards these goals.

During the two-day event, participants will have access to interactive discussion panels with prominent guests from various sectors, specialized master classes, led by experts on specific topics within sustainability, and visits to works that highlight the successful implementation of Nature-Based Solutions. Likewise, and recognizing the importance of academia in technological advancement, the event will feature a call for papers, enhancing the presentation and sharing of scientific innovations.

Among the guest speakers, the presence of renowned professionals such as the recently confirmed Landscape Architect Kongjian Yu (credited as the author of the sponge city concept), Architect Nuno Brandão Costa (author of the recent Campanhã Intermodal Terminal) and Landscape Architect Laura Gatti (co-author with Architect Stefano Boeri of the multi-award-winning Milanese building Bosco Verticale).


Throughout the event, guests will share their knowledge and perspectives on the integration of Nature-Based Solutions into the national and international urban landscape.

Additionally, NBS Summit is proud to launch, in partnership with the Municipality of Porto, the innovative NBS Porto online map, highlighting emblematic projects that exemplify the successful integration of sustainable solutions into urban infrastructure.

The NBS Summit Urban Edition is setting the stage for the next era of urban innovation!

ANCV (the Portuguese National Association of Green Roofs) is a NGO-Non-Governmental Organization, which aims to promote green infrastructures in cities, especially those that can be installed in buildings (new or pre-existing) such as green roofs, highlighting their enormous importance, and the numerous contributions they can give to the possibility to create healthy, sustainable, biodiverse and resilient urban territories. In its mission, social bodies from different activities, it promotes collaboration between companies, municipalities and national and foreign research groups.

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