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Emilio Ambasz: The New Website is Born

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Dive into the Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum website above to experience the trailblazing green architect’s many years of architectural and design expression. Video: A Linda & Aramis Velázquez production.

New Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

This new Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum website is a collection of works, realized, designed, or imagined, in architecture and urban design, industrial design and graphics, along with a biography, as well as some of the many press clippings on his work. The new website also includes a section dedicated to outstanding testimonials (from Tadao Ando to Ettore Sottsass, through Mario Bellini, Alessandro Mendini, and Ryuichi Sakamoto) about the personality, thoughts, works, and visions of Emilio Ambasz.

Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

This new site is a compendium of astonishing and award- winning architectures, many of which remain at the center of his discourse on the discipline and the poetics of design: ‘Never mind how sustainable the building is, never mind how green it is, if it does not move the heart, it’s just another building. Architecture has to move the heart.’

Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

Image: Emilio Ambasz & Associates by Michele Alassio. See the Casa de Retiro Espiritual Project Profile in the Projects Database.

Sophisticated precursor and interpreter for half a century of a message of reconciliation between the natural realm and the artificial world, Ambasz has made his philosophy, summarized in the apt formula Green over the Grey, a distinctive mark of his work.

Inventor of prototypes, products, and objects of surprising variety and exceptional success worldwide, Ambasz has also conducted his personal research in the field of industrial and mechanical design for the development of components and products that have given rise to an incredible sequence of ideas capable of changing entire production systems.

Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

Defined as ‘a man of many hats’ by The New York Times in a recent interview, Emilio Ambasz is not only a great architect and designer, but also an ironic narrator, a solid intellectual, and a courageous curator, too.

The Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum website retraces and highlights this extraordinary prolificacy, in turn brought to light by diverse international author publications and monographs, exhibitions, reviews, and solo shows around the world (MoMA of New York-thrice, Triennale in Milan-twice, Reina Sofia in Madrid, and then Tokyo, Geneva, Bordeaux, Zurich, Chicago, Philadelphia, Mexico City, San Diego, and Saint Louis, to name a few).

Visit the Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website to Learn More

His activity, as prolific as it is varied, has been a constant subject of interest since the 1970s by many institutions worldwide. Numerous awards and recognitions given to him in every part of the world serve as evidence. Emilio Ambasz is also Honorary Fellowship at the American Institute of Architects (US), Honorary International Fellow at the Royal Institute of British Architects (UK), and Honorary Member of the National Institute of Architecture (IT).

Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

Image: Emilio Ambasz & Associates. See the ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall Project Profile in the Projects Database.

The principles of Emilio Ambasz’s oeuvre, who has been defined as the ‘father, poet, and prophet of green architecture’, as well as an extraordinary inventor of objects and products distributed worldwide, is featured in a recent interview given by the Maestro to the American magazine PIN-UP. The PIN-UP text is also included on the new website:

For more information, visit the Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum website:

Emilio Ambasz Virtual Museum Website

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