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Our January 2024 Newsletter is Out! Greening in the New Year 2024 with Vertical Gardens as Habitat, News, Events + more…

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Photo: Fytogreen Australia

Happy New Year to all our readers, colleagues, friends, and supporters! We wish you much green in 2024: healthy & prosperous people, flora, fauna, ecosystems, and planet!

In honor of MLK Day, on Monday we highlighted again the excellent Refeatured Project: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library (MLKL). Washington DC’s Central Library, the MLKL was opened in 1972 and President Ronald Reagan signed the federal holiday into law in 1983. The library renovation opened to the public in September 2021, and this hidden yet public oasis offers everyone tranquility, proximity to nature and an open sky.

In its final week, the Emilio Ambasz event Emerging Ecologies at the MoMa in NYC ends tomorrow 1/20 – if you’re in New York, you should go! Watch the latest Video: Trailblazer of sustainable architecture | BUILT ECOLOGIES: ARCHITECTURE AND ENVIRONMENT by MoMa.

Please let us know what else you’d like to read about on in 2024
~ we’re always open to new contributors, too!

Don’t miss an excellent article by Erik van Zuilekom of Fytogreen Australia, “Vertical Gardens as Habitat.” Erik writes, “Appropriately designed vertical garden technologies offer opportunity to convert our harsh cities into receptive, responsive, resilient, dynamic, and adaptive human habitats, empowered by nurturing ever increasing species diversity.”

Congratulations to the numerous winners of “The Jeffrey L. Bruce Awards of Excellence” including LiveRoof, Soprema, Living Roofs Inc., Naturcycle, and many others for receiving well-deserved recognition for wonderful living green architecture projects in North America! The yearly Green Roofs for Healthy Cities awards represent the very best and brightest in our green community – congratulations to everyone!

Finally, our international industry offers a multitude of important, informative, and even exciting events from which to choose throughout the New Year – we hope to see you somewhere soon to learn more in 2024!

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